■ Production area: New Zealand

■ Materials / Ingredients: ○ Ingredients: Grape seed oil, Labandura hybrida oil, Peppermint oil

It was founded in 2000 in New Zealand with the motivation to pursue the possibilities of aromatherapy and spread products that satisfy oneself and people around the world. As a member of "1% FOR THE PLANET", Aromatherapy Company donates 1% of its profits to protect the environment every year.

--new Therapy Range --Therapeutic Range -
The therapy range of the New Zealand Aromatherapy Company is a series that develops a wide range of products from body care to home fragrances. Products scented with 100% pure essential oils, botanical oils and botanical extracts are partners for a healthy lifestyle.

○ new Pulse Points A plant-based one-point oil that is scented only with pulse point essential oils. By applying it to the nape of the neck, the lips, and the inside of the wrist, the essential oil is warmed and a faint scent is produced.